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LaSata amendment paves way for further tax relief discussions

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Kim LaSata on Tuesday sponsored an amendment to the Senate’s fiscal year 2023 state budget plan that sets aside funds in anticipation of further negotiations on tax relief for families and seniors.

“This amendment opens the door for discussions as we look at ways to ease the tax burden on Michigan families,” said LaSata, R-Niles. “The Legislature has shown clear support for tax relief and the governor, despite recently vetoing a bipartisan plan to reduce taxes, has expressed interest in continuing these discussions as well.”

The amendment approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee would set aside $2 billion in the fiscal year 2022-23 state budget as a potential avenue to revisit efforts to provide tax relief.

“As we work to meet the critical needs of our state — the needs of Michigan families rank just as high and deserve the same consideration,” LaSata said. “The state is sitting on a surplus of funds that I believe could really make a meaningful difference for people continuing to struggle with the rising cost of everyday expenses.

“The Senate budget plan takes into account our most important priorities and still allows us to set aside funds to return to taxpayers. This is just a start. We’ll continue working to identify the most responsible and efficient way to get these tax dollars back to their rightful owners.”