LaSata bill to help improve state’s elections approved

LANSING, Mich. — The Senate on Thursday approved with bipartisan support a bill by Sen. Kim LaSata that would help ensure the integrity of elections in Michigan.

Senate Bill 302 would require individuals to acknowledge while registering to vote that voting more than once in any election is a felony.

“Making sure each person understands the law and only votes once in an election is essential for an accurate vote count,” said LaSata, R-Coloma. “My bill, along with other reforms approved today, will help improve elections in our state both now and in the future.”

Other election reforms were also approved by the Senate on Thursday.

SB 277 would establish a timely process for local and county clerks to remove deceased individuals from the Qualified Voter File before an election.

SBs 8 and 311 would permit active-duty members of the military who are not in the country and unable to cast a ballot on or before Election Day to electronically return a voted ballot to the appropriate city or township clerk.

The bills, which are part of a larger 39-bill election reform package, now go to the state House of Representatives for consideration.