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LaSata disappointed in Whitmer budget vetoes

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Kim LaSata on Wednesday issued the following statement after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer line-item vetoed critical funding that would have helped place more children into loving homes:

“Gov. Whitmer and I are both lucky enough to know the joy of being parents, which makes her vetoes of funding to promote adoption especially heartbreaking.

“Every child deserves a loving home and giving more individuals the chance to adopt could have helped make that a reality. Helping children find a family to care for them should not be a partisan matter but the governor has turned it into one out of fear she would be seen as supporting adoption as an alternative to abortion.

“The governor’s extreme stance on this issue is concerning. Helping place children where they will be loved and cared for should not be looked at through the narrow lens of being an alternative to abortion. We need to consider the well-being of children in foster care and available options for families looking to adopt.

“This funding could have helped place foster children or helped people realize their dream of being a parent, however, the governor made it clear she is only pro-choice when it’s the choice she agrees with.”