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LaSata election integrity legislation sees legislative approval, heads to governor’s desk

LANSING, Mich. — The Senate on Wednesday voted to send legislation aimed at protecting the integrity of elections in Michigan to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Senate Bill 302, sponsored by Sen. Kim LaSata, was introduced as part of a broader package aimed at improving efficiency, integrity and security in Michigan’s elections.

“Voting is a treasured right and a duty we share as Americans, and it’s critically important that people have full faith in the results of our elections,” said LaSata, R-Niles. “There are a lot of concerns about election integrity right now and we have a duty to address those concerns.”

The bill, which was passed by both chambers with bipartisan support, would require individuals registering to vote to confirm they understand it is a felony to vote or attempt to vote more than once at the same election, in either the same or another voting precinct.

“Recent elections, along with an audit issued by the state’s auditor general, have revealed that we can do better to serve Michigan voters,” LaSata said. “Making sure each person understands the law and the consequences of criminal activity is essential for an accurate vote count and will help clerks focus on other election-related duties.”