LaSata: Governor’s vetoes harm students, vulnerable

LANSING, Mich. State Sen. Kim LaSata released the following statement on Wednesday in reaction to the governor’s 147 budget line-item vetoes and rare administrative shifts in funding:

“The Senate and our colleagues in the House of Representatives approved a bipartisan and balanced budget that funded, and in some cases provided historic increases for, numerous programs and services that are long-established priorities, including schools and roads, all without taking more from hardworking taxpayers.

“The budget that was approved, and which the governor eviscerated with almost $1 billion in cuts, was in line with the previous eight successful balanced budgets we passed that helped our state recover from an actual economic crisis.

“While I have long supported efforts to make state government more efficient and fiscally responsible, the governor’s tactic of cutting funding for important and effective programs and services, like $16 million for career and technical education, for example, have done nothing to move our state in a positive direction.

“Punishing students and vulnerable citizens to promote her failed strategy of raising gas taxes will do nothing but hurt the people we swore an oath to serve and harms our ability to work together as co-equal branches of government.”