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LaSata: Plan would help repair state’s ailing bridges

LANSING, Mich. Sen. Kim LaSata co-sponsored the MI Safe Drive plan, introduced Wednesday, which would dedicate $1.5 billion in one-time federal recovery funding to fixing bridges in severe condition throughout the state.

“This is an excellent opportunity to fix a significant portion of the ailing bridges in Southwest Michigan and across our state, without placing the financial burden on local governments or residents,” said LaSata, R-Coloma. “Rather than using one-time federal funding to grow government, our plan will address an immediate need to ensure safer travel now and for generations to come.”

It is estimated that, across Michigan, about 400, or 6%, of locally managed bridges are considered to be in severe condition. Senate Bill 529 would utilize federal recovery funds to fix them through bundling, where the design and construction of multiple projects around the state are contracted at the same time.

“The MI Safe Drive plan represents a strong commitment to improving the safety of our roads and bridges for Michigan families and businesses,” LaSata said. “Under this plan, we build upon our previous road funding efforts — all without raising taxes. I look forward to approving the plan quickly so construction can start as soon as possible.”

SB 529 now goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration.