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LaSata praises Nottawa Road Bridge repair in St. Joseph County

LANSING, Mich. — The state Legislature last year approved a funding measure to address the condition of bridges across the state, and that funding is now being used for a select number of bridge projects — including one in St. Joseph County.

“Over the years, we’ve been working on and have approved numerous funding initiatives to address road and bridge repairs throughout the state,” said Sen. Kim LaSata, R-Niles. “Bridges are an important part of the state’s infrastructure, and it’s great to see the funding we approved in this year’s budget benefitting local communities.”

Last summer, the Legislature approved a measure as part of the budget process that uses federal funding to focus on bridge repairs as part of the ongoing efforts to improve Michigan’s infrastructure. The legislation sought to streamline and save overall costs by “bundling” the bridge projects — which is when the design and construction of multiple projects around the state are contracted at the same time.

The legislation, which was later signed into law, will fund 19 current bridge projects as part of a statewide pilot program, including the Nottawa Road Bridge in St. Joseph County. The project begins Aug. 15 and will continue for 90 days.

The bridge will be closed during construction and detours are expected.

“This effort continues the Legislature’s commitment to fixing roads and bridges and will play a major role in making travel safer for Michigan motorists,” LaSata said. “This pilot program was launched without raising taxes or relying on borrowing from future generations.”

The public can track the initiative through a newly announced online dashboard at The website will provide project updates, show completion percentages, detour routes, and other relevant information for each project.