LaSata statement on Eau Claire drinking water advisory

LANSING, Mich. Sen. Kim LaSata on Thursday reacted to news from the Berrien County Health Department that elevated levels of lead were found in the village of Eau Claire’s drinking water.

“I appreciate the department’s efforts to help ensure our drinking water is safe and to protect residents from potential health risks,” said LaSata, R-Bainbridge Township. “This advisory underscores the importance of routine testing of our public water systems as an effective way to identify water contaminants, like lead.

“I encourage Eau Claire residents to follow recommendations from the Berrien County Health Department to help reduce their risk of possible lead exposure, including installing free water filters in qualifying homes as well as other steps like getting their home’s water tested and water pipes inspected. I am confident that following these recommendations and additional testing and corrective action by the village will help mitigate any long-term exposure issues.”

According to the Berrien County Health Department, out of the nine homes that were sampled in Eau Claire during recent compliance testing, one home had lead levels in the water that were above the regulatory action level of 15 parts per billion, triggering the advisory.

The department indicated Eau Claire does not have lead in its water mains or service lines, but that lead can enter drinking water when it has contact with lead pipes, solder, fixtures, or faucets and/or home interior plumbing.

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