LaSata’s essay contest winner spends day as ‘junior senator’

LANSING, Mich. State Sen. Kim LaSata welcomed Sturgis Middle School sixth grade student Kayden Jones to the Capitol on Thursday to serve alongside her as a “junior senator” for the day.

“It was great to welcome Kayden to the Capitol to spend the day as my junior senator and to recognize him for his hard work in winning my essay contest,” said LaSata, R-Bainbridge Township. “I hope that he and his family enjoyed their time here and learned a little of what it is like to serve in the Legislature. I encourage Kayden to keep up the hard work at school, and I look forward to all that he accomplishes.”

As part of his junior senator duties, Jones took a ceremonial oath of office, learned about the responsibilities of being a public servant, and attended Senate session and a committee hearing with LaSata. He also met his state representative, Aaron Miller.

Jones won LaSata’s districtwide essay contest for third- through eighth-grade students with his response to the contest assignment question, “What would you do if you were a senator to make Southwest Michigan better?”

The student argued in his essay that, if he were a senator, he would work to improve special education, citing his own challenges at school as a reason for wanting to help other students in similar situations.


Sen. Kim LaSata presents a special tribute to Sturgis Middle School student Kayden Jones

Jones is administered a ceremonial oath of office by Secretary of the Senate Margaret O’Brien